Cracking the code

“Optimism fails, when happenings of a few weeks set the world back by a decade.”

“We will not let fear rule the world – that needs to change more than the economy or health issues.”

He did not seem to hear me, and continued, “The biggest question before us today is how to measure progress, if we are unprepared to face setbacks?”

“More important than that, Sir, is that the power to set humanity back lies with a tiny organism, but we fail to acknowledge we do not own the world,” I persisted with my line of thought, “Do we know if the organism acted on its own, or is controlled by some one?”

“We are not God, though we imagine we are,” interjected the lady who’d been quiet so far.

This is the only voice of sanity I hear in the meeting today, but it is likely to be drowned out soon.

23 thoughts on “Cracking the code

  1. The truth, as sadly your character observes, is usually the first to be drowned out.

    Unfortunately, (and imho), fear cannot be shouted downed, beaten-in-a-debate, or otherwise destroyed for others with our imagined mighty intellects. It (fear) is something like a cancer in that as a negative connection (within us) it grows and spreads. It grows and spreads because while we are all comprised of ideas and thoughts, beliefs and opinions, fact and superstitions, even these real things (that make us, us) are but manifestations of energy. And energy always seeks to connect with other energy.
    So an idea: sickness inspires fear, it immediately generalizes, in order to connect with other elements within us all. “I might get sick” “If I do what happens to my job” “If I lose my job what happens to..” “Look others are losing their jobs are getting sick and dying ….” the energy of the negative idea commandeers the energy of ideas throughout the world as we experience it.

    The view of the solution is offered (again imo) by one character in the Six, witnessing that another person possessed the idea that had the power to eliminate fear. The power she derives is not knowledge for its own sake, its knowledge that the idea, one that will never be marketable and the people shouting the loudest are the ones who only want to sell you on their view, is shared by another.
    That is power.

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  2. Kristi

    When an earthquake struck Utah yesterday morning, I think we all collectively cried “uncle.” If anyone thought we were in control before, an earthquake reminded us that no, we aren’t. (No injuries reported, as far as I know.) We can do what we can to prepare for emergencies, and do our part to not make them worse, but some things are truly out of our control.

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  3. UP

    Sanity indeed. Good six. Good thought provoker. BTW, my great nephew was THE World Champion Rubik’s Cube Pyraminix The World Champ! He met Rubik in Paris. Super cool kid. Had to brag…sorry.

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    1. Rubik has been around for years. In this social isolation phase, I come across ads from trainers holding online sessions on how to solve the Rubik. The popularity is amazing.

      Good to know about your nephew’s glorious championship! He can apply the logic in many other spheres of thought and life.

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  4. And sanity is what is most needed now. Perspective. Restraint. Calm.
    Thank you for a contemplative Six, Reena.
    If everyone took a few minutes each day to take a deep breath, exhale even a small portion of the fear that lingers within all of us, I bet the impact would be huge.

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