Reminders in small packs

He came down from the mountains as autumn aged, before the paths could pile with snow and the bridges bowed with ice.

It was a transition from one world to another – he had to find new companions before hearts froze again. It took a long time to ignite the flame in closed confines, and let a slow warming happen. He loved seeing different colors of human nature – from icy blues to flickering flames to red hot glowing coal. It took a lot of turbulence, lot of forethought and afterthought to help them realize what really mattered. Value systems needed to be overhauled – from instant benefits to slow-cooked rewards.

He is happy to see the fruit of his labor, beginning to blossom in spring. It is time to go back to the mountains, but …

“Stay back, and let your spirit flow like molten lava through the world. Transform it completely.”

He was taken aback by the pearls of wisdom emanating from this tiny shell. He is yet to grow up, but the sparkling eyes convey a different wisdom.

“Who are you, my child?”

“I know you are God. I am the antithesis of all that you created, just beginning to take shape, but I grow fast. The purpose of my existence is to remind you that you need to act fast.”

Dumbfounded, he stopped in his tracks…

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