Falling short

“Look here! This photograph is taken from an interesting angle. And we did not have phones to click those days…”

I enjoy weekend afternoons with my grandson. Today, I am showing him old albums, where the photographs are stuck with quaint photo-corners.

“Granpa, do you remember everything about those days?”

“Yeah, sure … vividly.”

“Tell me why the world was black and white. And when did God decide to inject color in it?”

“Well, our capability to capture fell short.”

His attention had veered away to the new device my son gifted me last week. My capability again falls short.

8 thoughts on “Falling short

  1. So true! We’re so easily distractible – which is why I’ve been MIA on my blog much recently as I’ve been focusing on my children….we have but a few short years 🖤

    Thank you for another story to really make us consider our choices 🖤

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