Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 54


I am taking the week off from writing a prompt. The internet does it for me, and you get to choose what you are comfortable with.


Click on the following link, and then click on New Image.

If you don’t like the first one, move on to the next.


Click on Wikipedia, and then, click Random Article on the left. See what you get. If you like the topic, take that as your prompt. If you don’t, place your finger or cursor randomly on any word (it should not be a vowel, conjunction or preposition) and use that as your prompt.

Combine the image and the prompt, if you wish to have more fun.

[Helpful hint: If you reject an image or word, think for a moment, why did you reject it(Un-relatable, boring, commonplace, revolting etc.) It stimulates creative juices all the more, as it takes the mind to unfamiliar directions]

For the newcomers, write a poem, story, rant, article, journal, anecdote or memory – anything that the prompt generates. There is no restriction on the length or format. Show the image/mention the word that you chose as a prompt.

Create a pingback, or post a link in the Comments section.

Have fun!


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