Perception and perspectives

The profession of astrology has taken a lot of brickbats in the recent past, for their failure to predict the pandemic. As usual, claims and counterclaims continue to crowd discussion space.

Many astrologers shy away from predicting death, even if they see it. Some have learnt to put it in a positive or more acceptable way.

I recall the story of a man who was told he will die at midnight on a certain date. He was disturbed, and shut himself in a solitary room. There was no water or fire or poison anywhere in the vicinity to bring about death.

He was in perfect health, so he feared an attempt to murder. He kept a gun with him to defend himself, should an attempt occur. 

He was so restless, he kept pacing up and down the room. As the clock struck midnight, he shot himself in the temple. He was unable to take the stress any more.

The prediction had come true. But it was more about the mindset than destiny. Neuro-linguistic programming teaches several methods to manage or manipulate the mindset, and keep people going in a positive direction. I happen to be a NLP Master Practitioner, but find the effects short-lived at times. Maybe, it needs reaffirmation, and it comes through an epiphany, as it happens at the end of this song. 

Things are also viewed differently by a change in mindset. And this is about another astrologer. Her client was a woman suffering from domestic violence and many other problems in her married life. She was financially dependent, so she stuck on to the marriage. To exacerbate matters, her husband was diagnosed with a liver disease, and the treatment was draining the family of resources.

The astrologer told her client that she will shortly be relieved of all her problems. The woman told her husband that he might be cured soon, and it will end the family ordeal. 

Her husband viewed the situation differently, and perhaps more realistically. He called the astrologer how much more time does he have to live. Her reply was succinct – “Very little.” Somehow, his conscience awoke at this time, and he transferred financial assets to his wife’s name, enough to help her through future life. The man died shortly after.

The woman now got the whole picture of what the astrologer was trying to say. Her future life would now be peaceful.The man though beastly in his ways lifelong, did possess an intelligence and perception higher than that of his tortured wife.

Liberation was not far away. But, it was perhaps too late for him, but he made an effort to mitigate it.


15 thoughts on “Perception and perspectives

    1. You nailed it. How you respond makes all the difference. Neural pathways in the brain change. Lines on your palm change with time and experience. So, why not what we call fate?


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