That’s not me

I surprise myself with my resilience I still breath in toxic ambience I wonder if brains alter with what I face jumping from manic to depressive phase I analyse what’s inaccessible see blindness, hear the inaudible Then I see shadows that follow me It’s so familiar, but that’s not me I die several deaths, but … More That’s not me

Look within

Well, you’re right when you say I wanna be my own girl. But then what makes you say I’ll need someone to look after me? Check contradictions Clean those outdated mindsets Need no one, just me… Looking after me? Is that what makes one so claustrophobic, eager to break the cage, eager to fly out? … More Look within


do you hearamidst all the noisedesperatepleas for loveit makes you rich foreverif you make a move ignore me-it’s also a choice-maybe youfind successor yourself in the processWish you all the best!


Hats off to Sara Maclachlan for putting herself in the shoes of her stalker! A stalker, however besotted or devoted s/he may be is a transgressor of personal space. They carry a deep hollowness inside, which they seek to fill through the real or imagined presence of another person. They live in their heads, and … More Stalkers

On a different plane

I’ve heard stories about black holes. People lost and never found are supposed to reside there.  Is a black hole really black, or just a space where gravitational and other powers do not work? It means existence is not relative to any other force. If I meet any of the other people lost before, how … More On a different plane

I’ll be right there

Do I need to go the extra mile?Where can I find you online?Maybe you like my profileThere’s something to do in quarantine Where can I find you online?I’ll be right there where you goThere’s something to do in quarantineThere’s more in common than we know I’ll be right there where you goDo I need to … More I’ll be right there

Battles with Peace

those shapes you see on horizonschanging against the setting sunan artist tries to manipulatemy spirit refuses to go straight changing against the setting sunoutlines shifting to accommodatemy spirit refuses to go straightstories in pictures get redefined outlines shifting to accommodatethoughts moving faster than the sunstories in pictures get redefinedYou see a new me, a new … More Battles with Peace