How could you?

I recall some quotes on hearing this song. Remember what brought you together first, when the urge is to go your separate ways. Sometimes you need to spend time with people to remember why you were not doing so. If they show you their real face again and again, accept it and move on How …

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MM Music Challenge

MM Music Challenge on MLMM I give here the translation of a Hindi song by Sahir Ludhianvi sung by Mukesh, from the film "Dil ho to hai". It disturbed me with its obsessive possessiveness from younger days. You don't love me, that's no problem If you love someone else, there’ll be a problem We are …

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alone together in joy and sorrow sharing today and tomorrow yet alone…. nobody knows what transpired between hearts between walls what happened enroute on glorified journeys we are alone have been for sometime running together not knowing If we fancy same destinations alone together in joy and sorrow sharing today and tomorrow yet alone….

Just down, down….

Yes, I’ll be around when you look down wasting a life for a clown I was never taught to value myself no self-respect just a madness … and going down, down watching escalators carry your smartness your ego ballooning assessing, measuring distance between us forever increasing no self respect just a madness…. And going down, …

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My Shadow

The strangest thing happened today. My shadow walked away from me. It was shocking to say the least, but a deeper introspection revealed that we were perhaps tiring of each other. Sameness is not always a virtue. It tried to keep me entertained by changing size and shape, but was yearning for a separate identity. …

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