1942- A Love Story

Here is a translation of a lyric from the Hindi film “1942- a Love Story”, vocalised by Kumar Sanu I saw a girl, and thought I saw a girl, and thought (she’s) Like a blossoming rose, like a poet’s dream, Like A bright ray, like a deer in a forest Like a full moon night, … More 1942- A Love Story


I remember the first time it hurt. It was absence of recognition. Then, the wheel rolled – it changed to concealed resentment, envy as they sought delight in putting me down. I felt a third eye awakening in my consciousness. I could see through the barbs, feel their own perceived smallness. I felt stronger than … More Journeys

Days gone by

A hand that held me showed me a mansion in the sky I lived with that dream In days gone by… A hand that clasped my wrist banged me against walls I lived with nightmares days did not go by… A hand floating away In blue waters He cried … but no response I think … More Days gone by

How could you?

I recall some quotes on hearing this song. Remember what brought you together first, when the urge is to go your separate ways. Sometimes you need to spend time with people to remember why you were not doing so. If they show you their real face again and again, accept it and move on How … More How could you?

MM Music Challenge

I give here the translation of a Hindi song by Sahir Ludhianvi sung by Mukesh, from the film “Dil ho to hai”. It disturbed me with its obsessive possessiveness from younger days. You don’t love me, that’s no problem If you love someone else, there’ll be a problem We are not one, but not separated … More MM Music Challenge