Jim Adams gives us a “We just Disagree” theme song for the Music Challenge this week. The video clips that I give below may appear to have an oblique connection with the theme song, but are entertaining. Enjoy! And one more in Hindi with English subtitles. This is a visitor from another planet, who claims … More Clipped

The Journey

He won the Best Scholar of the Year Award, in the course of his PhD program. “Sir, can you recapitulate your journey from an East Asian country to Harvard University for us?” asks the intern from another Asian country. He can see the glow of dreams in her dark, pool-like eyes. “I don’t really know … More The Journey


Do you think it’s possible, can I dedicate to a cause I don’t believe in…. Can I love some one who has values those are not the same as mine? To a cause I don’t believe in…. I send my deepest regrets those are not the same as mine. I like you for you mirror … More Reflections

1942- A Love Story

Here is a translation of a lyric from the Hindi film “1942- a Love Story”, vocalised by Kumar Sanu I saw a girl, and thought I saw a girl, and thought (she’s) Like a blossoming rose, like a poet’s dream, Like A bright ray, like a deer in a forest Like a full moon night, … More 1942- A Love Story


I remember the first time it hurt. It was absence of recognition. Then, the wheel rolled – it changed to concealed resentment, envy as they sought delight in putting me down. I felt a third eye awakening in my consciousness. I could see through the barbs, feel their own perceived smallness. I felt stronger than … More Journeys