Six Sentence Stories

I take a bow to the deafening applause on the “Film Maker of the Year” Award. 

The acceptance speech was rehearsed several times, but I find myself swirling in a sea of emotions, seeing the myriad expressions around me.

“It is all about editing skills,” I say, “different clips from different lives and stories weave themselves into a beautiful collage, but it takes a lot of editing in the final compilation of the story.”

I can feel dagger-eyes on my skin, and a few smiles as people realise they have been a source of inspiration for me.

The story-teller is nothing more than a compiler. Characters and situations drive furiously, and just some traffic control needs to be exercised.


14 thoughts on “Story-tellers

  1. Editing is almost more work than the writing itself! Basically, re-writing the entire piece. Like TVTA, I really enjoy the editing part of the process. It does take talent and prowess to piece together a final product that is appreciated by all audiences 🙂

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  2. Excellent six, love the ‘traffic control’ image. Have to admit I absolutely love the editing parts of writing almost as much as the writing part. I also spent some time editing together music videos once, compiling clips – like you say, a collage of sorts. One of the skills I think is in trying to narrate a cohesive story with so much material at hand.


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