“It is the sixth year in a row that I’ve come here to celebrate a quiet Christmas.”

“What is so special about this place?” asked Rocky who had to travel a long way with the supplies.

“How often do you come here?” Ronald changed the topic.

“Whenever we receive an order for supplies…”

“Have you ever seen a woman with wide, innocent eyes roam about the place?”

“There are no local inhabitants. People come and go, as and when tourists choose to stay here.”

“She was a tourist and the lake swallowed her.”

Rocky swore he’ll never come here again.

27 thoughts on “Mysterious

  1. I am suspicious of Ronald too. Sounds like his Christmas visits might be a commemoration of an incident he remembers all too well. Perhaps he wants to feel close to the ghost a certain wide-eyed woman who wanted no part of him in life.

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