The alphabet of her life has been reconstructed in the last ten years.

She has a new pictorial book in hand, which says A=Acting, B=Bigtime C=Craft, D=Design, E=Excellence, F= …..   she dreads the F-word – failu…

The PR people say only a scandal that rocks the film world can save her career. People are fast losing interest in yesteryear stars.

Yes, V for video, W for war, X for X-rated, Y for Youth, and she would be at her Zenith again.

A plastic surgery and an intimate video being leaked — it was all that it would take to reach there.

14 thoughts on “Stardom

  1. yeah, funny about (in this reality, your Six) Youth is the precursor to Zenith

    all too prevalent to equate youth with excelling.
    (I think it was George Bernard Shaw who said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” lol)
    enjoyable Six as always

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  2. This Six? A for amazing, Cx2 for cool and creative, U for unique.
    Sad commentary on what some believe it takes to be recognized, remembered and revered.
    No amount of makeup, no amount of drama – real or created, can serve as stand-ins for talent, sincerity and love of craft.

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  3. My meds must be wearing off, today is a deep thought day and you’ve just made me dive in. I wonder how my life would sound alphabetized? Or yours? Or anyone’s? What a neat post.

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