Moveable bridges

“A new government has taken over in that country. Foreign policy needs to be realigned.”

“Bilateral trade will be affected adversely, our currency is devalued and unemployment is gnawing at the core of our economy. The opposition is waiting to pounce at our failure.”

“If we don’t do it, our international reputation is at risk. Bridges we build need to be moveable, which allow traffic in the desired direction. World leaders are remembered more than the myopic national ones.”

“Yeah… traffic jams give us the luxury of blaming the other – despite the fact that we are in the wrong lane.”


Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer

6 thoughts on “Moveable bridges

  1. Writing a 100 words story that includes politics, currency, traffic jams, and International markets. Commendable thought process. I would have barely managed to introduce the central character. “Santana was an aspiring actor. Tall, handsome and hard-working. He had a troubled childhood with a divorced parent, a dead dog, rented apartments and barely surviving on Government aid. After he moved to New York…….Santana was in love with an Indian girl studying at the U.S……..”

    Bang…..100 words exhausted. And we are absolutely nowhere with the plot.

    But what you have written is good. Loved it.

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