Door blown open

“I can’t believe the amount of muck being uncovered in the scandals.”

“The beautiful door which covered it has been forced open. You know why?”

“Tell me ….”

“It is smaller than the hole it was supposed to cover, and the winds blowing outside are gusty. I can say that a storm was brewing for long…..”

“Is it an architectural omission?”

“It is a societal error – of breeding perceived inequality. Ominously, the door built to cover tracks turned out to be less equal. They hadn’t anticipated the force. The chickens have now come home to roost.”

“Power to the winds!”


What do you see?


11 thoughts on “Door blown open

  1. We often attempt at covering up mistakes with false covers. Most of the times, the covers aren’t particularly tailored and hence have risks of exposing those ghastly mistakes. And no matter how hard we try, the skeletons of the past keep tumbling out.

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