Scene I

“It’s an intricate problem, Jack.”

“Which one is not? The IT team is battling the hackers.”

“I hope they are competent. The new CTO is a close confidante of the CEO.”

“What do you fear? Is he likely to rat on us?”

“He may or may not. But he lacks competence to handle this situation. Technology is not his forte. I guess the attackers had inside information – about the systems, and the politics.”

“Hmmm ….”

“The news of the hacking has attracted adverse publicity. The CEO needs to find a scapegoat.”

“Who do you think is likely to be axed?”

“I am afraid it’s you. I just came out of a meeting with the CXO team…..”

(Silence for some time)

“You made no effort to defend me?”

“I had to protect my own job.”

Scene II

The CEO is in a meeting with the CXO team.

“What are we doing to plug the leakage?”

“Jack has been asked to put down his papers.”

“Hmmm ….. good!. He was overheard speaking ill of us. I suspect that he was the informer.”

“He nursed a secret ambition of becoming the CTO.”

“There are many who do.” A pregnant pause, “What is the update on the technological front?”

“The team is competent. We have been here for more than a decade. A press conference has been scheduled tomorrow, to give our version of the story.”

“Who can handle it better than you? You replace Jack as Deputy CTO. Good luck!”

(250 words)

Image: mentalnote8.wordpress.com

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