The Time Challenge

Michael used to drive home late, and saw a beautiful lady, dressed in a Victorian lace dress, standing at a particular spot on the road, every day. What was she doing there?

He could not contain his curiosity, and stopped to speak to her one evening,

“Lady, can I help you in some way?”

She had a scared, faraway look in her eyes,

“No, thanks! Philip has promised to meet me near the police box, but has not turned up yet.”

The Police Box? Where is that?”

“It has not been functional for some time, and I am unable to contact him.”

Michael chuckled,

“Lady, your guy has flown away in the Tardis. Why waste time?”

She gave him a stern look,

“He is a man who keeps his word. He will repair the box, on his return, and re-establish contact with the police,” she said, pointing to her left. “The tramps around here can get pretty rowdy with women.”

This was an upmarket and peaceful locality, where he had never seen tramps.

“I don’t see anything or anyone here. When did Philip leave?”

“On the night of 20th January, 1925. I cannot forget …… “, her voice trailed off.


Challenge available at

Sunday Photo Fiction – August 13th, 2017



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