Jose is close to the greatest breakthrough of his life. He has spent forty days on this planet, and is getting used to the blue light.

Space travellers are trained to live in unusual environs. The planet that looked a fiery red from a telescope is all blue inside.

What really had him flummoxed was the cold, hard rock in midst of the pond. It changed color for a short time in a span of twenty four hours, to a fiery red. The temperature increased, and the horizon looked reddish in the distance.

Where is it getting the energy from? Either the source lay in the depth of the pond, or the rock had the power to absorb Sun energy from a distance. Both ways, the rock was a source of energy that could gradually change night to dawn and then, day.

Jose was trying to establish contact with the control room, when he felt a strong force pulling him towards the rock.

There was Angela Smith, standing on the rock, infused in a red light. Angela was a fellow astronaut, who had disappeared on a mission, a few months ago.

He had reached either a breakthrough or his end.


Inspired by Sue Vincent at

Thursday Photo Prompt – Twilight #writephoto



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