Signing off

This is Reena Saxena signing off.

If your world is full of debauchery, multiplespeak, manipulation and mindless evil, so be it. If I cannot change it, I refuse to be a part of it. I do not accept your authority over any aspect of my life.

I understand that people like me come and go, but Satan has continued to rule the world. So be it. I refuse to give in to any Satanic rites and insights.

You take pride in your success and wealth. I am proud of my authenticity, and my ability to stay out of your sphere of influence.

You are the antithesis of the Gods that you pretend to sell, a dark shadow of the expensive white shirts that you don, and a negation of the honesty that you demand from others. I live and breathe every word that I have uttered in life.

It takes a village to protect you, a warehouse to store all the masks that you wear, and you spend a lifetime gathering resources to buy that protection.

I am just me, and will always be so – fearless and unprotected.

I hope there are few who will sign on to Authenticity, to a world where they can be themselves. It does not matter if that Atlantis is buried in the netherworld. The people who choose to live there will brighten it up, with positive energy.


Stream of Consciousness Saturday



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