The Universe

The pale yellow Moon looked drowsy, but New Moon (Amavasya) was still ten days away.

The birds did not chirp, and the cock did not announce dawn.

Neither did the bells in the temple ring, nor the muezzin gave a call to devotees.

Some people swore that they had seen Dhanvantari (the mythic doctor) rush through the sky, in a chariot pulled by a large bird.

The Sun had reported sick, and refused to rise today.

The doctor needed to re-engineer the links in the universe.


Six Sentence Stories


19 thoughts on “The Universe

  1. smiled throughout, excellent imagery and (underlying) concept… the celestial forces re-claim their place in the sky.
    (Imagine life back hundreds, even thousands of years ago… such tales were of a manner literal that most of us (in modern times) cannot comprehend. It does not need there to be a chariot and a large bird for the world/the reality of those looking up to feel it’s presence.)


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