Multiple Prompts

I come across mashups or posts written for multiple prompts practically every day. The writer who aces it, IMO, is Jude Itakali.

I miss Chris Hall who is not keeping good health, but she did a wonderful job of writing parts of her novel to the Six Sentence Stories prompt.

 I agree that writing to multiple prompts poses an extra challenge to the brain, as one is needed to comply with different requirements in the same post. Somehow, I prefer writing at least one post in a day, so it makes sense writing separate pieces.

Occasionally. I’ve come across challenges saying, “No mash-ups please…”

I create that extra challenge for myself by trying to fit a story or poem in 100 words, even if the prompt does not ask for it. Or I may choose a new syllabic form, to push myself out of the Tanka-Shadorma habit. Looking for rhyming words, synonyms or antonyms and watch your piece shape up with a different rhyme also provides creative satisfaction.

At times. I read old pieces and wonder if I could have done it without the stimulus of a prompt.

I do take the liberty to link up an existing post to Open Link Night at dVerse, by including the weblink to their site.

Written for Friday Faithfuls at MLMM


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