Living in this house

It’s not ready 
to welcome happiness
overloaded with junk
relics of an irrelevant past
ghosting in unseen corners

tiles at the base of cupboards move
they held grandma’s wealth once
I dare not touch it now
for fear of snakes and scorpions
popping out from shady history

I discard the past
done and dusted
give it to a junk dealer
don’t ask for a price
to make space for the new

The only way to live here
Renovate, Repaint 
in colors all my own
let the house smile
to welcome life

37 thoughts on “Living in this house

  1. I like the feeling of feeling of slight hesitation in taking over a house full of memories, and how the poem moves to that lesson we all have to learn, a house is not a home by mere occupation, but we have to put our own colours in it. Sweet and heartwarming poem!

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  2. As I read this, I get a feeling of ambivalence. The writer is fearful and averse to memories the house held; yet at the same time she wants to stay there. There has to be some level of comfort and happy memories that she wants to retain. I hope she finds contentment in this place. Very complex and beautiful poem, Reena.

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