Learning through change

I take pride in being a lifelong learner …. then accept that I need to keep revising theories all the time. I also need to practice what I learn to see if it holds good or not.

 takes me to places
 I’d have missed
 ensconced in 
 cushy permanence 

I’m often accused of being inconsistent. I pat the rigidity of erect spines, standing at the same place. I wish they discover the joys of movement. 

 it’s not my flaw
 but their discomfort
 as they know me
 only through my history
 not a shared future vision 

Leave projections to those who make corporate and national budgets. Leave the day-to-day functioning to them. The world will change through imagination, and they will struggle a little more to keep pace. 

Who are the leaders then, those who set rules for others, or those who compel others to change rules?


11 thoughts on “Learning through change

  1. If we are not lifelong learners, imagine how resistant life would seem to be. I love that your vision is reason enough for change and overrides the judgment of others. Leadership, I’d say, is best achieved by example. Deep thoughts.

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