Lost truths

What Do You See

Its presence feels almost treacherous - overarching the turbulence within me, but inert. I assume it is afraid of my immeasurable depth. Who wants to get lost and lie at the bottom of the ocean, waiting to be excavated by a diver or submarine? I fear its density and compactness, its capacity to hold secrets … Continue reading Lost truths



A popular film director Ismail Merchant gave his reasons for getting married on a talk show. “When people visit your house, they ask how many children you have. They don’t ask how much money you have earned?” Unfortunately, he died of a cardiac problem before he could get married. dreams unfulfilledchildren unbornso good, so badonly … Continue reading Immortality

Going back

It takes a while to learn that being different is not being inadequate. Though the whole world conspires to tell you that. Going by the norm, they are each inadequate in their own way, when they don’t measure up to my expectations. But somehow, fingers always point outward. mirrors designed andplaced in appropriate lightreflect what … Continue reading Going back

Sun and Water

Water falls, because a gravitational force pulls it down. In the right atmosphere, it vaporizes to steam and moves upwards. It chooses when, where and how to fall. Water freezes. You are able to walk on snow with the right boots. Your homes are not ravaged by floods. forces all-pervasive combine to make you feel … Continue reading Sun and Water

If I were an app

I curse my creator everyday. He is glorified for inventing an app for reading the mind, and telling users if they are on the right track vis-a-vis their life goals. I’m sure they benefit as my workload increases every hour. But … shall I confess? I break down a little every hour. The burden of … Continue reading If I were an app


Putting the alphabets together in several different combinations, do not lend the right words to become building blocks of stories. She realizes that repetition of some alphabets is necessary to make sense. One needs to allow them to collaborate, to become meaningful enough to express your thoughts. Did we invent language, or only the alphabet? … Continue reading Musings

Look within

https://open.spotify.com/episode/00eN2wVBK8Nl4i6RHwDPsB?si=U3dVm-DFRQO8lX5SLkaGkA Well, you’re right when you say I wanna be my own girl. But then what makes you say I’ll need someone to look after me? Check contradictions Clean those outdated mindsets Need no one, just me… Looking after me? Is that what makes one so claustrophobic, eager to break the cage, eager to fly … Continue reading Look within


Pain is an impermanent state. One wallows in it, internalises it, learns all possible lessons and then gets on with the business of life. juxtapositionhelps highlight what needs to bechucked out or retained What surprises is not the pain, but the response it elicits from others. Some insist on giving you more, some help you … Continue reading Pain

Learning through change

I take pride in being a lifelong learner …. then accept that I need to keep revising theories all the time. I also need to practice what I learn to see if it holds good or not. transience  takes me to places I’d have missed ensconced in  cushy permanence I’m often accused of being inconsistent. … Continue reading Learning through change

Drive the drivers

There is a kind of sacredness about a honest day’s work and the consequent fatigue. Imposed work generates resentment. This state is the result of self-driven activity. earning it justifying existence I fly high The aches and pains are real, and yet so wanted. I could live again for it, but this is only about … Continue reading Drive the drivers