My father is breathing his last.  He is the only support I’ve ever had in life. I lost my mother in infancy, and did not have any siblings. A relationship was initiated, but ended badly due to my insecurities. The girl found me too possessive and clinging. I hold his hand, as his breathing gets …

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I catch elusive butterflies of idle thoughts stash those away outside logic bins audacious impressions re-appear in dreams or poems weirdness of something I created unknowingly baffles me Is it frivolous or by design? passing thoughts compose  my subconscious sublime….


Social media posts spoke about senior lives being silenced in corona-infested hospitals, as the medical infrastructure was inadequate to manage the load. It is the base thought behind the piece ... What were their last thoughts, when a needle pierced into their consciousness, transporting them to another level? They were old, and the system could …

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Yesterday, a friend lost his father. The parents were in India, while all four children are in other countries. None of them could reach for the funeral. He recounted that on his last visit home in December, his father's parting words were, "Will you come to perform my last rites?" My father-in-law was shifted to …

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Bits and pieces

This is a no-sweat post for me. A close friend celebrated his 52nd birthday yesterday, and his daughters cobbled memories together for him. Tanvi & Pallavi Pati memoriescobbled together-a treasuretrove of love-to be cherished for nourishment in times to come All image rights are with Ipsita Misra, and the picture cannot be used or reproduced elsewhere …

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The future beckons, however attractive or difficult it seems at this point of time. Yes, we will be free – to drive around, work, meet people, shop, eat out. But the awareness of shackled feet intimidates. The psyche will surely carry imprints from this phase. Uncertainty will loom large, as newer methods of violence and …

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