rising tides catapult desires, hit the shore, write stories in sand, get wiped off reinvent many times in hazy clouds, pour again to meet oceans perspectives make them strong -to be scattered by ships yet propel those in desired directions


an urge to change shapes of lego blocks build unseen fairytales an urge return to the past obliterating all that transpired on the way an urge to rewrite history put together  characters in different ways an urge to see souls in transparency change their roles and names and to not be called insane…


Off and on, I was warned about the repercussions of being a free spirit. They label my natural state of being as rebellious, uncaring, un-emotional or whatever term they devise on the spur of the moment. I learnt soon enough that the problem is same on both sides – discomfort with not being in control. … More Outcome

Recognise me?

you found me  somewhere there amidst the noise of meetings a silent protest -unregistered while you tackled your inner noise you preached patience castigated callowness lack of experience I dwindled away I’m the wild iris I grew by myself In forests – abandoned, alone with a strength of purpose gathering all  that you lost In … More Recognise me?


Heartwarming brings to mind the 4 years spent with my dog love, Chappy… A few glimpses Scene 1 She is being cajoled to join us for the Laxmi Puja (a worship ritual) on Diwali, but no response. The noise of crackers outside created sever discomfort for her, and she was hiding under the bed. We … More Heartwarming

The Art of War

a glare a raised eyebrow scathing criticism  unsolicited advice an attempt to step into my territory passionately take decisions  for me glowing with  narcissism I don’t know  who they are nor do I want to know… a lifetime spent in defending  boundary lines culminating in accusations of dominance or stubborn-ness of having grown bigger than  … More The Art of War


My father is breathing his last.  He is the only support I’ve ever had in life. I lost my mother in infancy, and did not have any siblings. A relationship was initiated, but ended badly due to my insecurities. The girl found me too possessive and clinging. I hold his hand, as his breathing gets … More Confession