I remember those wooden frames in my grandfather’s courtyard. We covered it with sheets, and made temporary shelters for ourselves on sultry afternoons, when the adults were all enjoying their air-cooled siesta inside. Those were moments of freedom, of creativity for us, when unbound by rules, we created our own worlds and played out imaginary … More Layers


Beautiful colours Uncovered  Trimmed attire Teases young minds Eager to Romance with Flowers Love blooms Youth of seasons


suppressed to be counted amongst the sane when I give in I’m accused of doing things inane hitting mental shores asking to be let out to be allowed to rain control needs intelligence but of a different kind It’s not IQ, not a villain

Digging – not too far

I’ve just joined a course on ‘A Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self’, so your prompt strikes the right chord. Before this, I’ve attempted another course on Healing through Writing, and recommended it to many others. But certain parts are just too painful to write. One prefers letting bygones be bygones. It doesn’t … More Digging – not too far


rising tides catapult desires, hit the shore, write stories in sand, get wiped off reinvent many times in hazy clouds, pour again to meet oceans perspectives make them strong -to be scattered by ships yet propel those in desired directions


an urge to change shapes of lego blocks build unseen fairytales an urge return to the past obliterating all that transpired on the way an urge to rewrite history put together  characters in different ways an urge to see souls in transparency change their roles and names and to not be called insane…


Off and on, I was warned about the repercussions of being a free spirit. They label my natural state of being as rebellious, uncaring, un-emotional or whatever term they devise on the spur of the moment. I learnt soon enough that the problem is same on both sides – discomfort with not being in control. … More Outcome