Target markets

lighting up
they are back home….
Once again

I wish 
I knew
what happened
in their lives
during the day

the darkness
in other windows
stops me
from getting

I don’t know
what fires their minds
I don’t know
how do I touch
their lives

I shed all 
of helping people 
touching facets
Of their existence

when I don’t know
what they think
what they feel 
what they like 
what they miss

Target markets
need to be defined

26 thoughts on “Target markets

  1. So true, so sad, and beautifully written, Reena!
    Life is so different these days. What HUGE city dwellers used to experience is now impacting everyone as they isolate.
    You are a wonderful writer!
    I stopped by via RothPoetry…Dwight’s site. He mentioned your poem.
    Carolyn 🙂

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  2. There is that view in the city, and the wondering what’s behind all those windows. Your words and the image express the wondering well.

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    1. Thank you, Beverly! There are stories behind every window. The realisation hit me, when at one stage, I could hear a couple’s quarrels clearly from my room. And I went into the balcony where are the sounds emanating from.


  3. This is so beautiful…Windows lighting up as dusk falls has, in itself, fascinated me since childhood and your poem touched that string of memory in some way. Brilliant…Loved it.


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  4. What an amazing view – and I can just picture the hundreds of folk coming home, turning on their lights – one more lit window. Such an interesting poem about strangers. Your poem made me think about the poetry that we write – do we write with a particular ‘target market’ in mind – or do we write for ourselves – our pleasure or our pain? Such an interesting read. Thank you.

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    1. Apologies for barging in with my view but somehow couldn’t stop myself when i read your thoughts. In my opinion, majority of the poets write for themselves, some emotion/external stimuli hits their mind and just like the ripples that arise in water when a stone is thrown, a poem is born.

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  5. I love this. There’s always those facets of thoughts about the glimpses of other lives through those windows. Do they see us as well? This is intriguing to ponder as we delve into possible impacts in other lives we come across with.

    This is a fantastic and thought-provoking piece to read. Well written and well done.

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