Topsy Turvy

It happened fifteen years ago, and it happened again – despite the toxicity of verbal duels that took place back then. A zebra never changes its stripes, and her brother-in-law could not stop dominating and interfering with others’ lives.

What takes her composure is knowing that he is not a bad human being. He just believes he is God’s gift to the world, knows what is best for all concerned, and is worshipped like a demi-God by his devoted family.

The atmosphere is charged with static, but she finds courage to utter the words, “I would like all the furniture to be restored to its original place.”

He had changed living room arrangements on his first visit to the house, because he wanted to eat in a particular place, unmindful of the fact that it had taken two months of careful planning and execution for her to set up a new home.


6 thoughts on “Topsy Turvy

  1. … is worshipped like a demi-God by his devoted family.”
    As Shakespeare writes, “There’s the rub…”
    How very more complicated are the interpersonal negotiations (or sorties) when it is not one person who is the ‘problem’.
    Interesting (and thought-provoking) scenario of the constant struggle between personal realities.
    Good Six

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    1. Thank you, Clark! In certain cultures, members of a family are taught to defer to the eldest. The issue is that late entrants to the family, like spouses or millenial kids do not subscribe to the norm, and ‘there begins the clash.’

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  2. Good for her! Hopefully, that was the first step in standing up to her brother-in-law. No doubt a very tricky and difficult situation to navigate given that other family members apparently defer to him.
    Very topical 6 btw. Don’t know anyone without a family member like that!

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