Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 16

Welcome to Week 16!

I am late in posting the prompt today, and decided on a quick, but different take on the prompt.

Here is a character narrating different episodes from her life. You get an idea of the overall personality. Pick just one sentence from the story, and develop further on that.


Ask who is telling the story?

Now choose to write a new version from where you are now standing, some distance away. Take all the time you need for this process.


I see the rage in my boss’s eyes, and know that it is time to quit.

Who is telling the story?

The girl who has always been penalized for her rebellious behavior, and believes that the pattern will continue.

New version

I wish she had made an effort at being tactful. The guy is a brute, but she could have developed better communication skills.

Is she responsible for the welfare of the entire team? They could have spoken for themselves. Why did she have to react to protect the entire team as her own, and attract wrath in the process? Nobody stands by her today, and that proves the futility of her battle.

She should learn to protect my self-interest.

Take this ahead in your own, unique style. There are no restrictions on the format, size of post or last date. Feel free to join in, whenever the urge strikes.


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This is a response to Week 7 by athling2001


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