Love on props

Our meetings would never have been the same without props.

Books, music or a bar have always been the glue. I loved the intellectual discussions, the challenges thrown by your provocative ideas, and the revolutionary thoughts we shared about changing the world. The characters in the books we read, or planned to write and various nuances of their personalities, remained central to all exchanges. We were captivated by the beauty of our dreams, as we saw the world through the same prism.

Three decades later, I sit on the same table, and cherish a companion, who loves the same peace and solitude as I do, and gives me my personal space to exist. We are not in the throes of uncontrolled passion, but value each other more than anything else in the world.

Images of the past float through my inner eye, and I feel compelled to think,

Did we love each other, or the idealized images of our philosophy? Maybe we find each other intolerable, if we meet again. Maybe, we would not have come up to each other’s expectations, and destroyed each other in the process. Life changes so much, and so do we ….


Inspired by Roger Shipp at

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner #Week 29


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