Soul on vacation

The sadhu dressed in a single loincloth and rudraksh beads, and carrying a ‘kamandal’ was caught shoplifting in the mall. I swear I had seen him deliver a discourse in the temple yesterday evening, with a seemingly divine glow on his face.

“Baba, is your soul on vacation today? What made you steal?” I asked in disgust.

“Souls are of all kinds – good and bad, and greed steals goodness at times.”



‘Sadhu’ is an ascetic with a religious orientation, who has denounced worldly possessions.

‘Rudraksha’ is a brown bead, which is worn by many for religious or health reasons.

‘Kamandal’ is a copper vessel they carry for their needs.


Inspired by ‘In other words, vacation ….” at

Patricia’s Place


2 thoughts on “Soul on vacation

  1. I learned a lot from your post notes. I think the story was sad for both people. Or maybe more disappointing than sad for the disgusted observer. We do expect more from some folks, don’t we? Thanks for sharing your story.

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