Oh, my God! Cyrus has been supremely busy mailing resumes  – so much so, that he eats on the desk, attracting flies on the keyboard.

Is he a Gen, X-er, out of synch with the methodologies of Gen Z? Has he missed out on the Blogging, Personal Branding and Marketing strategies on social media? The strategy pointers needed to move – left, right or up. Who needs a CV? Your online profiles are a CV, the content you share displays your bent of mind, and how you share shows your media savvy. One does not need volumes. One needs that critical mass of influential connections, who will project you in myriad ways.

Cyrus had found his guru online, and there began a new whirr of activity. It did not land him a job. But he got into the business of coaching people on their job searches – the 10 things to do, and the 21 to avoid, the One thing that stands out on your CV, and 15 others that pull you down. Testimonials flew in quick and fast, from people who had landed jobs, with the help of his advice.

Experience is the new synonym for failure, and Expertise for exposure.

(200 words)


Inspired by 

Sunday Photo Fictioneers


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