The Sari #SoCS

Six yards of fabric – they can weave magic, be a disaster or just lie unused in the wardrobe, depending on how you view it.

The sari has been hailed as the sexiest garment, as it highlights the curves and conceals flaws in the figure. It has been the subject of fantasies for many a young mind. The sari has been viewed as a symbol of bondage, and rejected by the modern fashionistas. The fluidity of the garment hinders free movement, and provides grace at the same time.

Fusion wear has been created to lure the fashionistas, by combining it with trousers, stitched and structured skirts, shirts and jackets. The shawl has been an old-time companion of the sari in winters, gracing many a formal evening. It is a designer’s dream for the unlimited scope for creativity that it offers. It is the base for art, embroidery, patchwork, color play, motifs, pattern, weave and structure.

The garment used to be a lifetime companion from attaining adulthood to reaching the graveyard, for some women. It has generated smile-yards of fashion and money for the designers and retailers. Millions of square-yards of blogging real estate has been devoted to the sari.

Six yards of fabric – they inspire creativity, and weave a spell.


Inspired by Linda Hill’s ‘yard’ at 

Stream of Consciousness Saturday



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