The Birthday Party

I am the recipient of all the gifts, in your birthday party.

You entered our life 14 years ago, and your physical presence was taken away from us, in a very short time. Spiritually, you remain with us forever. I find novel ways of celebrating your birthday. The simplest is feeding lovely babies like you, with the plum cake that you so dearly loved. It can stretch to spreading love in different ways, of creating familial bonds where none existed. We are so inextricably bound, despite belonging to different species.

I remember seeing you watch a peacock with utmost fascination. If you are seeing this from above, tell me, if this piece of nature decoration comes close to your image of a peacock, with white plumes. There is a cake for you, set up on the tree trunk, and a wonderful gift for myself, in the wheel barrow. They will  reinforce your presence every moment, and their love will encompass your spirit. The embedded sculpture in the wall has friends for you. They will entertain you, and keep you company, if you tire of our helicopter parenting.

Stay blessed and keep showering us with love! Happy Birthday, Chappy!

(200 words)

My baby’s birthday falls on the 10th of May. This is kicking off the celebrations for this year.


Inspired by

Sunday Photo Fiction – April 23rd

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