Monsoon Magic

Rains have always fascinated me. Maybe, it has to do something with the fact of having come into the world, on a very wet day. Each birthday evening in childhood was spent hoping that all my friends would turn up, despite the rains, to savor the hot, home-made snacks.

Commuting by local trains to college in Mumbai, in the monsoon was an adventure. The trains would stop mid-way (Kurla car-shed, to be specific), due to water logging. I would walk on the tracks, pants folded up, to my uncle’s house in the vicinity, and party with my cousins, who had all returned home, due to transport bottlenecks. Movie theaters and eating joints did roaring business.

Flash forward circa 2000s, office-going days in a sedan with low seats, terrified of traffic jams, and praying that the car engine did not stop whirring in the water. The monsoon magic was wearing off…

(150 words)

Wishing you all the best for your new life …..


Inspired by Saturday Mix at 

Mindless Love Menagerie by Bastet



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