The Battle

How she wished Tom would sell off the junk to the scrap dealer! He derived a masochistic pleasure from raking up old, painful memories and then, stewing in misery for days. Or was it sadism, since he chose the ones, which he thought would induce guilt in her?

She took pride in the beautiful house which they had built, and her positivity was not affected by the unsightly junk parked opposite the house. The juxtaposition between the two scenes, represented the battle of the mind-sets.

Will negativity manage to pull her down, making her lose her zest for life? Each day dawned with a new battle, to stay in the same place. She had to resist the pressure of sliding backwards, while building pathways to the future.

Lily was gifted with inordinate strength, but she often wondered, if it was being put to productive use.


Inspired by the FFAWC Challenge

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