Atlas Settled

The social structure fears movement, as movement threatens its stability. They invented a beautiful term called ‘settling down’, couched in feelings of bliss, contentment and having reached a destination. It signifies the end of a journey, the end of a quest to look for something better and the end to exploration.

It safeguards the interest of connected lives and structures. It ensures that Atlas never shrugs, and the world remains intact on his shoulders. Atlas achieves a noble purpose in life, by helping others stay in place. He never knows to what destinations, could his bleeding legs and brilliant brain have taken him. He never knows that there was a lighter world, awaiting his shoulders, or another shoulder to carry him through life.

Blissful expressions

standing still in their places

losing momentum

they try to find meaning

in calm, unfulfilled lives.

Inspired by B’s Poetry Challenge -12 at



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