Numeric Magic

“Why seventeen?”

“Numbers are powerful and symbolic. It adds up to 8, which is an enclosure. It protects”.

“Protect from what?”

He looked at the charm bracelet he was wearing, and the talisman his mother had put around his neck in childhood.

“I don’t know. But Mom said so. She had consulted a numerologist. He said it was the lucky number for me. I was born on 17th May in Ward no.17 of the hospital”.

“Hmmm … May is the seventeenth month.”

“How?” He was truly perplexed now.

“Twelve of the previous year plus five”.

“Does that make sense?”

“Anything makes sense, as long as you believe in it. Data scientists are well aware of the pliability of numbers.”

“What are you trying to tell me?”

“That it is your belief which drives you, and gives you inner strength, not the number.”

“Well, what is your date of birth?” He was keen on proving a point.

“I change it as per the numerological characteristics I display on a particular day.”

(170 words)

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