Who was the Queen? #writephoto

The dark colors and rough edges of the stone, against the vivid colors of the sky looked ominous. White paint splattered on the stone appeared to be symbolic of something, as if somebody wanted to convey a message, but could not express completely. The straw hut outside the gate, towards the sea, looked quaint, but desolate. Could a human being ever have lived there? Why was this arch built here, with no fortress or palace behind it? It looked like a gateway, but to which place? Was there a world beyond the sea?

A strong feeling of déjà vu gripped her. She had been here before. But it was the first time that young Misha’s parents had planned a holiday in this historic place. They had never been here before.

The guide had an interesting story to tell, about a banished queen, who was compelled to stay in that small hut. She had dared to rebel against the King. History books say that she committed suicide after a few lonely years, by jumping in the sea. The locals have a different story, of the boat being shot down, while she tried to escape by sea route. The people who had helped her, were also shot at, and maybe their blood was spattered on the stones. It had been washed and crudely concealed with white paint.

Misha felt a strange pain engulfing her, of being shot in the back, while she was running. Her mother tried to comfort her trembling body, while her father called the doctor,

“Dr. Sen … we are on a holiday. Misha is getting one of her fits again. Will the tranquilliser pill suffice, or should we find a doctor?”

His voice choked, as her hands encircled his neck. The grip of his daughter’s frail hands felt strong and unyielding. He tried to extricate himself, while she was speaking in a different, husky voice,

“It was you. I have waited for you for decades, to avenge my plight.”

The guide ran towards the village, to weave a new chapter in the folklore. Misha’s mother stood there, paralysed by fear, as she saw two bodies floating on the surface of the water. She looked at the sky, with emotion choking her voice completely. He daughter’s pretty face appeared to be smiling from behind the clouds.

“Mom, I have liberated you from this monster. Lead your own life, now!”

(400 words)


Inspired by Thursday photo prompt- stones #writephoto , by Sue Vincent

Thursday photo prompt – Stones #writephoto

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