Lessons From Nature Haibun

Lessons from Nature … by Sylvia

Cognac Project

Image credit Ben White, Unsplash

Supple Opal

Surrounded by supple spring hens on the first day of school, I can’t help but wonder, am I not attractive anymore?

Autumn Valley hike
Barren Yosemite Falls
Zero water drops

I walk around campus, feeling like a ghost. A stunning twenty-something-year-old is hiding behind the art building, crying on the phone. “Why am I not enough for you?” she asks, and I realize we’ve both fallen for the same trick.

Javelina herd
Safety in numbers, split them
Alone, they’re an easy kill

Why am I blaming myself? The only thing I did wrong was give him too many chances to take a bite out of my heart.

Magpie hunts Squirrel
Her beak vying for his eyes
Squirrel stole an egg

If one night with a twenty-five year-old body is worth more to him than my whole entire soul, then maybe I just need…

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