Time To Crow

Time to crow ,…by Jim Adama

A Unique Title For Me

There are 5 new hens in the hen house, which gives me something to crow about, because I am the only rooster.  People think that roosters crow at dawn, but I will crow my heart out whenever I like and I am a late sleeper.  If any other roosters dare to try to come near my hens, you can bet that I am going to crow and then I am going to kick some rooster butt.  Nobody is ever going to figure out why that chicken crossed the road and if you ask me most of them are completely nuts, but I have an innate need to crow and I will crow in the morning, at noon, during the night, and pretty much any time in between that and it being two minutes after seven, this looks like a good enough time for me to crow.

I am not very…

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