Tumble dry, tumble dry

Tumble dry, tumble dry ….. by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

Till the Sun’s on a holiday,

Tumble dry, tumble dry,

Covers, shirts, saris,

Lacking energy go in all dejected,

Rejuvenated from a steamy spray come out with energy interjected,

Covers, shirts, saris,

Take with them for a short unintended stroll,

Papers, doddles, currencies, and when the cycle ends,

An unimaginable form to their poor pals rendered.

Carelessness, absent- mindedness, impatience,

One or all it may be,

When all of them work in fine tide,

Results may be hilarious or note worthy,

So it was, when all the clothes decided to go for a spin one wintry noon,

They sneaked in their dear friend for an impromptu stroll,

It wasn’t until they came out, excited,

As if from a day out at the spa,

Their animated glare,

Accompanied by a far off faintly blare,

A sheepish grin,

In return for a text that flashed across their friend, Mr Mobile’s screen,


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