Karma Bites

He was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment on charges of theft.

On his way out from the courtroom, he stopped near his mother in the viewers’ seats, and spat on her face. Onlookers were stunned.

“I wish you had punished me the first time I stole an extra bun from the baker’s shop. But you seemed to enjoy the bonus.”

Her cheeks sting with salty tears on the bruised face, as she wipes off the blood dripping from corners of her mouth. 

How she wished, she had hit back when it happened the first time, and called the police…..

The social security check was not enough to meet her needs. She opened the closet to see if some of the high-priced stuff can be sold.

How she wished, she hadn’t splurged in the younger days, and saved up something for retirement….

“I’ll be there.” She eagerly coo-ed in the phone.

Three hours later, she wished she had not placed trust in the wrong kind of friends.

Everything is self-inflicted…


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