11 thoughts on “Making sense of it

  1. As it has been said, with age comes wisdom. My experience has been that with age I realize how much I have yet to unlearn/learn and that wisdom is often elusive. Your lines are profound, thank you for sharing them.

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  2. “unlearning all that I know” this is a powerful channel we must pass through. For me, wisdom did come with age, through life’s experience.

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    1. It happens with most of us. The changes happening in the economy, digital trends, startup culture, early retirement are all forcing us to look at things in a manner we have not seen before. Change is faster than it used to be, hence the dizzy feeling. Thanks!

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  3. As per legacy, wisdom comes with age. I strongly differ. A person who had an exceptionally comfortable life would never have varied wisdom, irrespective of what his age is. On the contrary, a teen with a tough childhood might have sharper survival skills (or wisdom). The teen would be better equipped to pull himself out of extreme situations, way better than the wise old man. Wisdom comes from situations.

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