ReInvent the Framework

I am a prophet, for I write my own story.

Astrologers and fortune-tellers are the smartest species that exist in the world. Politicians have just refined the art further. My weekly forecast says ‘A Full moon could signify both beginnings and endings, of something that is needed to propel your life forward.’ That is the circle of life. Every point is both the beginning and ending of an arc, depending on the area I choose to focus. The circle as a canvas remains unchanged, as we paint our structured imagination on it.

Nothing manifests on this planet unless it first exists as a mental picture. It could be the culmination of life’s efforts to create a happy ending. Or I may allow a fearful fantasy to pop into awareness, which may be disguised as logic based on past experience. But it is a projection of the past into the future, and the past is dead and gone.

I choose to reinvent the framework.

once in a blue moon

life gets all spiced up



Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille

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