Reena’s Exploration Challenge  – Week 5 – Think



The reason there were no documents surrounding the previous strategies was fairly obvious. No one wanted to admit to failure and their own level of incompetence.

The embarrassment they all felt when the academics penned ‘military intelligence’ as the newest oxymoron to be added to modern lexicon didn’t give them a lot of reason to explore the thought or rather lack of thought that surrounded the futile practices of the war.

It was a blight on the powers that be that so many were sacrificed in battles doomed to failure in the planning stages, but as they saw the common soldier as expendable and necessary collateral damage, so they persevered safely stowed away in their bunkers miles from any danger to them.

I surveyed all this and wondered what my next move might be.

Clearly, present strategies were not working, except if you were an undertaker and they were overwhelmed…

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