Happiness …. By Aboli Mane

A Writer In The Room

“I don’t know where I stashed it.”
“Stashed what?” The youngster asked.

Grandfather gazed at him through the horn wood spectacles as the septuagenarian opened various drawers around the house.


The youngster was befuddled. Happiness? To his innocent eyes, happiness was everywhere. 

It was in the smile that Papa flashed him when he did well in sports. In Mama’s caress as she fed him an extra roti. When he and his sister bickered it sparkled within her dimpled smile when he gave in to her demands. Among his rowdy school friends…it blazed during a well-matched brawl in the dusty maidan. 

As the youngster sat on the verandah he wondered how happiness could be stashed in a box. 

If only Grandfather played with him more instead of reading those stuffy books…he’d find it.

The stray dog that sometimes took up residence in their courtyard during difficult months found happiness in…

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