Masterpiece- Reena’s Xploration Challenge #270

Masterpiece …by Indira

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Prompt#270- we have a picture prompt to bring out the glory of colors. It’s up to you to bring out the glory of women with your prose, poetry, art, tribute, memory, or anything that inspires you.


Life is like a painting
even if you make a masterpiece 
you can't sit idle
you can't take it for granted
you always have to be vigilant
to touch-up
wherever the color fades 



Life was like
A never-ending trail in the desert
You came up with a palette full of vibrant colors
To fill my world 
With colors of
Love and friendship
Dreams and hopes
I'm overwhelmed but
I fear
Your hope of evoking a sense of colors in me is futile
I wonder 
Just painting light into my eyes
Will give me the vision

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