Time to Fly

Charmed Chaos


“Never love a wild thing…If you let yourself love a wild thing, you’ll end up looking at the sky.”

Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Three Stories

Days of youth when nights never end

a wild haired gypsy child-woman

Silver earrings dangling

gaudy bracelets clanging

dancing to her favorite songs.

Caught up in a whirlwind

of colorful young men- yearning

to capture her body’s bright soul

tether her to their hungry embrace

put her spirit in its ‘rightful’ place.

But yet with sweet grace, she resists

elusive as a lace winged butterfly

she flits from honeyed bloom to bloom

never lingering in a heart too long

She takes to the skies, soaring ever higher.

Author’s Note: It’s our 11th anniversary at dVerse and I am hosting today’s Poetics. The prompt is choosing one of 11 lines from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and using it to inspire a poem. The…

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