A New Experience

A new experience …. by Diana Coombes

Writer Ravenclaw

”Sushi, that’s raw fish, isn’t it?” Alan said, poking the food with his chopsticks.

Elizabeth smiled, taking her dad to the Japanese restaurant seemed a good idea a month ago. A chance to try new things, but one look in his direction told her all she needed to know.

”Look try one, and I’ll try one,’ she said

He ditched the chopstick, and took out a fork instead. It was like he was being asked to eat something of I’m a Celebrity. Except there weren’t any meals to earn for camp. Gingerly, the sushi was lifted to his lips.

Elizabeth giggled.

”What you laughing at? I don’t see you trying one,” Alan said.

A chopstick used to pierce the fish, Elizabeth moved it towards her mouth and took a bite. Seeing his daughter, Alan did the same. It didn’t taste half bad. Not normally something he thought he would eat.

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