It wasn’t ~ a rhyme

It wasn’t ……by Sangeetha


It wasn't quite a question
his haunting voice let loose
to wander the labyrinth of my mind
with the intention to confuse

grappling with wayward words
sneaking in to seduce
dancing to my drummer heart,
I knew it was a ruse

Yet I played along
and let the query suffuse
past filters of my armoured treasure chest
of my invisible inner recluse

He trailed a touch to wake me up
his scented eyes amused
Apparently, I'd said Yes
and now we're doing 'I Do's


Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt – 84 words – ‘question’, Eugi’s weekly prompt – haunting, Reena exploration challenge – Filter, Cee’s FOTD,Weekly Prompts by SueW and GC – discovery

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