Where is my love? #haibun poetry

tales told different

my heart’s lullaby
the caress of tender words
a pale moon’s deceit

When love hits my prismic soul
A spectrum of emotions pepper the heart’s lonely canvas
Wonder and Woe
Regret and Reminiscence
Lust and Loss!
In these moments, excitement is infused with dread
It carries doubt, and besmirches fortune
For where is love, if memory spits upon all fate’s blessings
If I can only see through heartbreak’s veil

murky morning mist
a future I cannot glimpse
love’s song to follow

I curse experience
For each starry gaze of desire; now threatens mischief
For each lustful kiss, expeditious with love’s adventures; now warns of betrayal
For the savory late-night gasps and moans of pleasure, leave a superficial tang to ecstasy
When trembling limbs are a beautiful beginning to an ugly end

For where can my love be,
What love is meant for me,
If heartbreak haunts me so?!

beneath life’s…

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