Conversations with God

I’m dipping into Indian mythology for this prompt.

Narad once asked God who was his greatest disciple. God pointed to a poor farmer. 

Narad looked offended. The farmer did not visit temples or perform any meditation or rituals. He chose to remain silent, but his thoughts were read by the Almighty.

God gave him a bowl filled with oil to the brim, and asked him to go around the world with this bowl in hand. The condition was that not a drop should spill. 

It was a command from God, so the great sage went around the world. He expected a warm welcome and appreciation on his return. Instead, he faced a dry question,

“How many times did you remember me?”

“But, Lord …. I was busy taking care that the oil does not spill.”

“That is the difference, Narad. The farmer is poor, facing a drought and has unending problems in life. But he finds time to utter my name every morning and night. You only had a bowl in hand.”

The message was clear.


A competition was set up in Heaven, on who would go around the world in the shortest time. Ganesha or Ganpati as he is fondly known, won the competition. He took a few minutes.


He walked on the path encircling the throne where his parents sat, and said,

“They are my world, and here I go…”


My reflections

(Like Ganesha, I may choose to just whirl around the globe on my desk, and say I’m done.)

The universe is infinite, the Great Power is infinite.

But worlds are always infinite. It is the manner in which we define our boundaries, and choose to do within it.

If we are just particles of the Great Energy, how unconcerned is the Energy to not take cognisance of what’s happening, and keep doing its job. We are a part of it, bound to it and yet live like orphans.

P.S. If you have a word limit, I may have exceeded that 😦

15 thoughts on “Conversations with God

  1. A beautiful take on the prompt and your line “But worlds are always infinite. It is the manner in which we define our boundaries, and choose to do within it.” speaks volumes. Brava!

    Btw, I don’t have a word limit.

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