Time Changes Everything

Time changes everything …..by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

A white rabbit checked his watch and then exclaimed that he was late and in ‘Late Lament’ by the Moody Blues, they talked about a “Cold-hearted orb that rules the night” and wondered “which is an illusion”.  The rabbit is just silly, but drummer Graeme Edge makes us think that as time passes, what is actually going on.  Time is grouped into periods of past, present and future, or yesterday, today and tomorrow, but what is time?  Isaac Newton described it as absolute, but Einstein proved that time is relative, and, shockingly, that time and space are intricately interwoven.  Recent work in string theory and quantum gravity suggests that space and time may not be fundamental.  If we look at the stars, we are seeing the past and even when we see a flash of lighting at a short distance away, we are seeing something that happened a hundredth of…

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