Failed ploy

Failed ploy …….by Punam


He hides in the shadows as twilight descends

Standing behind the icy curtain of frost in the vale

Plotting a sinister plan so vile, as the day slowly ends

Around midnight the wind suddenly turns into a gale.

The dead and the departed respond to his call

Obsidian figures rise as if in a trance

They move as directed; at his beck and call

In a messianic frenzy they begin to dance.

He stands now in front of the dank, ornate crypt

Hoping to regain life from his inamorata lying supine

With fingers, like daggers, his beloved’s heart is ripped

Tears of blood fall from the heaven and dogs begin to whine!

Slithering snakes shatter the syntax of the night

Howling hyenas hum scenting a hunt

Lighting strikes thrice cleaving the night

Bringing to a naught his devilish stunt!

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